We do have a lot of fun and establish some long-lasting friendships, but we do enjoy helping our local community. We raise funds to help those in need and less fortunate than ourselves. Sometimes, when requested, we also provide our time and manpower to those who could benefit or need a helping hand.

Our primary fundraising activity is the Christmas Float, run from early December to Christmas eve throughout St Albans. In December 2013, we raised over £13,000 and have supported local charities, groups and individuals. We encorage local charities such as HomeStart, YouthTalk and St Mary’s Church (Redbourn) to collect with us on a Float night, and then donate the money raised to their cause.

We also donate over 50 Christmas Parcels to those individuals in need of some cheering up over the Festive Season and try to give them something to enjoy.

Our only criteria for donations are:

  • It must be local – St Albans & surrounding villages
  • It must be a justifiable cause i.e. not just making up for a Council / Government shortfall

If you feel you know of a worthy cause or are looking for funding yourself, please fill in this form which helps us to evaluate all our requests.

Request funding for a cause