Request for financial support

A part of what we do and are all about is to raise money for charitable causes. We therefore welcome requests for support and will consider all enquiries at the earliest opportunity, usually at our next business meeting.

We are open to supporting many causes but do have some criteria

  • Donations are given to organisations based in the St Albans district with one of the 4 legal structures detailed below.
  • Donations are given to organisations that help local people in need.
  • Organisations must have more than 10k but less than £300k in revenue each year
  • Organisations must have been in existence and active for more than 1 year
  • Donation size is typically between £100 and £500. Exceptions to this may be chosen by St Albans Round Table each year.
  • Donations must have a clear purpose and are to be considered ‘restricted funds’, i.e. not ‘running costs’.

Organisation Legal Structure

As a rule, we don’t donate directly to individuals. Your organisation must be either:
  • Ltd by Guarantee with charitable status
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Not for profit voluntary or community group and registered with the NCVO

Please note: St Albans Round Table reserves to right to review the above criteria and to make exceptions where deemed appropriate.

In order to help us understand why you are asking us for support and what you would like us to do, please take the time to fill in the the form below. We will get back in touch with you once we have made a decision on your request.