Christmas Santa Float

A long standing tradition in St Albans, we get Father Christmas to come round to many areas of St Albans before Christmas. Many say it isn’t Christmas until they see him come down their street. If you are looking out for him, come back to this site and check when we are in your area.

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We get many emails and comments on Facebook or Twitter about the float. This is great but as you will appreciate, we are very busy at this time of year. Therefore, please also read our FAQ page.

Social media

We love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter. We will post updates as we take Father Christmas round the streets of St Albans.

If you are a charitable organisation and would like to help us as Santa’s Elfs on a night, please get in touch.

The next Santa Float Route

You can see the next route of this year’s Santa Float schedule below. For all routes, please look further down the page.

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All St Albans Round Table Christmas Santa Float routes

All of this year’s Santa Float routes are listed below. Any changes to the schedule will be published on this website and on social media.

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