Donations to charities in this time of crisis

At this time of crisis we have been discussing what we can do to help the St Albans community. We know that many of us are helping the NHS charities and there have also been a number of national efforts to support this great cause. Although this will also benefit the local NHS services, we are seeing this more as a national effort.

Our focus is always on the local community and as such we have been thinking about local charities that provide such vital support for our community. We contacted a number of local contacts about their current situation. It quickly became apparent that many of them are in a dire situation with many of their services being stretched, yet their funds quickly dwindling. With fundraising events being cancelled and the prospect of the current lockdown continuing for some time to come, there is a real concern that some charities may not be able to continue the services in future.

We therefore are delighted to say that we have donated over £3000 of much needed funds to the following charities: