Earthworks Path Building

Our friends down at Earthworks do some great work and whilst we let them have a night on our float to raise money for themselves at Christmas time we like to help them as well. For the past 2 years we have taken advantage of the great British summer and lent a labouring hand to the charity. Last year we dug up veg and this year we lay a new path around a vegetable patch.

Following the event we stood back to admire our creation and then went to the pub for some much needed refreshment.

About this charity

  • Earthworks St Albans
    Earthworks St Albans

    Earthworks St. Albans is a registered charity that offers trainees, often with learning difficulties or mental health problems, work experience and training in horticultural and land-based skills. We have a three-acre site in Hixberry Lane, St. Albans. It is managed on environmental principles and we have open days a number of times a year. Members of the public are welcome to visit and buy our produce.

    Visit Earthworks’ website for more details