£500 sponsorship for Guide Dogs for the Blind

Getting Spring off with a bang we have Donated £500 to the Marlborough Science Academy’s charitable cause, Guide Dogs for the Blind!

The Marlborough Science Academy let the us park our Santa float over the last Christmas season in their grounds. Every year during the Christmas Season the Round Table Christmas float collects money for local charities and needs to be stored charged when Santa has a rest. As the our usual spot couldn’t accommodate us last Christmas, The Marlborough Science Academy kindly saved the day.

As a thank you, the we decided to offer to make a donation to the school’s charitable cause – Guide Dogs for the Blind. As part of the sponsorship students at the school will receive regular ‘pupdates’ for the next two years and can follow the puppies’ progress. By sponsoring a class of 3 guide dog puppies it helps the charity to continue to provide and grow the guide dog service.   The Guide Dogs for the Blind charity has been supported by The Marlborough Science Academy for several years which has included the naming of two puppies, Marley and Biscuit, and followed their progress to becoming fully trained guide dogs.

Marlborough was visited by Fred, a one year old Retriever/German Shepherd cross, with his walker Jackie Day. Our Chairman Christoph was there to hand over the cheque. Fred is already 12 months old and doing really well in his training with Jackie, a veteran puppy walker and Fred is her 14th Guide dog puppy in training.