International Relationships

Through the ethos of fun, friendship and community, Round Table has expanded to many countries around the world. We maintain these relationships between tables through International.

As each Table was formed, they received the next available table number – ours being 147 – and it’s through this numbering system that we are twinned with 147 Tables throughout the world. St Albans Round Table is currently twinned with Tables in France (Vernon 147), Germany (Trier 147), Holland (Kromme Reijn 147) and Sweden (Karlstad 147).

Every year one Table hosts an event and invites the other Tables to attend. This has to be one of the highlights of the Table year. Not only do we get a chance to re-unite with old friends and revisit countries / towns we don’t get to see often, but it’s a damn good weekend! Our hosts put on a great Friday night’s entertainment, followed by an event specific to their town, a black-tie ball on the Saturday and farewell brunch on the Sunday.

There is always lots to drink, eat and fun. In 2011, St Albans has again hosted International, and in September we welcomed 20 international visitors who enjoyed a fantastic weekend with us:

  • A ‘traditional’ Friday night curry in St Albans
  • A visit to the Olympic Park A visit to Greenwich
  • A boat trip through central London A black tie dinner in St Albans
  • A Sunday morning brunch